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Jun. 21st, 2006

Fae Star


You know I thought the actual moving would be the exhausting part...but I'm just at the packing phase and I'm wiped. I can't wait until this is all over...

May. 4th, 2005

Fae Star

Daily Life as it were.

I feel I've neglected my imaginary audience this week due to normality. Doctor's appointment, work, errands, all these things and more have caused me to be to distracted to think of anything else or explore any feelings/thoughts/dreams. Even my attempts at escaping into fantasy have been thwarted. I attempted to order a dress to wear to the Ren Faire that I'll be attending later this month (Happy Happy Joy Joy) but alas despite my expensive attempt in paying for the 3 day express shipping so as to be sure to have the lovely thing in my possession on time it's done me no apparent good. For you see for the wonder of 3 day shipping to work, the company from which I'm making the purchase would need to have the dress to ship which they don't due to it's being on backorder...BACKORDER...such a horrible term. Which bring me to my other question, I'm no where near the level of computer knowledge that so many of my esteemed friends are so I ask you, is it really so difficult to design a website that will let shoppers know that their item is out of stock and will take longer to arrive due to it having to be backordered. I received an email the day after I had ordered it alerting me to it's present state in the universe. Would it really have been so difficult for them to have a little message on the item page mentioning the backorder state beforehand. It doesn't seem to me it would be so complex but alas maybe I'm naive in my optimism. At any rate I feel I will have to depend on said optimism to keep my hopes up that the dress will arrive in time. At any rate, I feel I should go find a comfy spot in my bed and see if my dreams can lend me some entertainment.
Fae Star

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